It is my duty to capture moments that are genuine & true to who you are as a couple. That is why it's so important to me that our session is filled with genuine moments! The tickle fights, romantic dancing, running around & being silly is what I love the most during sessions. 


The photos I capture are filled with adventure,  joy and genuine raw moments that perfectly depict who you are as a couple. 

I'm here for you the moment you book me! Need help finding the perfect location? I got you! Can't decide what outfits you should wear? I can help with that! You think you're going to feel awkward during the session? Well you are wrong my friend! Our session will be filled with lots of laughter, dancing and genuine moments! I promise you won't feel awkward one bit, you will leave our session telling me how much fun you had! 

There will be no standing around for long while you're hanging out with me, so be prepared for piggy back rides, to act drunk and walk on a tight rope. We are going to have sooooo much fun!!


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